Time Coach™

Time Coach is a productivity dashboard that provides sales teams and leaders with an accurate visualization of both volume and time spent on sales activities.

Sales organizations using Time Coach are able to boost productivity and increase deal velocity by deploying a data-informed approach to their sales process and overarching go to market strategy.



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Maintain Alignment

Ensure accountability and alignment across your sales organization. Cross-reference targets with actual KPIs, with complete visibility into your team’s activities. 


Maximize Productivity

Introduce a competitive element to the sales process with Hustle Scores and leaderboards. Discover areas where your team has reached capacity and where you can reallocate wasted resources.


Inform Strategy

Leverage activity data to glean insight into the activities that drive results. Identify trends and activities that yield the greatest returns and adjust accordingly. 


Optimize Coaching & Mentoring

Shed light on hidden coaching opportunities by understanding where and how reps are spending their time. Identify room for improvement and leverage successful tactics to be adopted by the broader team. 

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"Put simply, without Introhive the richness of the [CRM] data would be too poor to make valid judgements. With Introhive, we know we are considering the full picture, so we can confidently act upon it."

Neil Cormack

Head of Business Development & Marketing - Lupton Fawcett

Neil Cormack

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