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It’s the fundamental rule of sales: relationships are everything. However, without the proper technology, it's nearly impossible to uncover your organization's relationships to understand - and act upon -  your best opportunities for business development.
So ask yourself: How is your tech stack using AI to maintain relationships for your organization?
If you're not sure, you're in the right place. This webinar - lead by Introhive's Solutions Consultant, Luke Jenkins - will demonstrate how to:
  • Make data-driven decisions with contacts already in your CRM
  • Measure client relationship trends, so you can proactively save declining relationships
  • Unlock the potential data hidden in your current tech stack
  • and much more
Discover how Business Development and Sales professionals are using AI to maintain relationships and gain a competitive edge with Introhive's platform.
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About Introhive's Tech Talk™ Series

Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Deep Learning. High tech has become common nomenclature in business, but ask professionals to define these terms and explain how they use them in their business strategy, and most will be unable to answer.
In Introhive's Tech Talk series, the most complicated high tech topics will be distilled down and explained in a way that will help you understand the latest business tech trends. Our hosts and guests will provide advice to how you can unlock the value likely hidden in your current tech stack, and reveal ways you can benefit from high tech today.
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Meet Your Host:

Luke Jenkins

Luke Jenkins

Solutions Consultant, Introhive

Luke is an experienced and highly skilled solutions consultant with 5+ years in the Enterprise sector. He also comes from a background in mechanical engineering which he has intertwined into his expertise.

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