Introhive's State of Commerce

Introhive's State of Commerce

Digital transformation has dramatically changed the way that people communicate, find entertainment, work, bank, and shop.

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Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed commerce across the globe. It also accelerated the massive transition to digital channels that was already underway. Certain channels are performing well, while others are not. And companies differ starkly in their business decisions and investment priorities in ways that relate to their performance during the crisis. There is much to learn from this experience.

The research in this report offers insight around the changes taking place. It does a deep dive into current trends, including the fading line between physical and digital commerce and how the traditional model will continue to persist amid a digital transformation.  

To stay on top of current trends and forge your way in the face of uncertainty, download this comprehensive white paper that explores a new baseline for commerce after a disruptive event and suggests a path forward for both B2C and B2B organizations.

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"Large sales and product evaluation–discovery sessions, demo’s–they’ve all gone remote and digital. Which means building relationships and mapping those is more important than ever. That’s where Introhive comes into play–you can solidify the trustworthiness of vendors, potential clients, and references."

Jody Glidden, Co-Founder and CEO | Introhive