Smart Sync™

Smart Sync is the next generation of contact and activity capture for CRM.

Automate the creation of new contacts, leads, and activities directly in CRM for busy sales and marketing teams.



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Maintain Data Integrity

With all your contact, lead and activity data being captured automatically, CRM can finally live up to its expectation as the “single source of truth” when it comes to customer intelligence. 


Adapt to Your Business Needs

From job title scoring to relationship strength, Smart Sync empowers you to build and fine tune the Suggestion Controls that determine what is automatically mapped to CRM.


Maximize Productivity

By alleviating the heavy burden of mundane data entry, you’ll free up precious time that can be dedicated to revenue-generating activities. 


Fuel Your Growth Engine

Smart Sync ensures all relevant contact and activity information marketing and sales teams need to grow the business, are captured, enriched, and stored in CRM.

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“With Introhive, it is automatic. Information is gathered passively in the background, so that insights and intelligence are mapped directly into our CRM, requiring little to no additional effort from to our practitioners.”

Harshal Dalal

Director, Client & Marketing Operations - Osler

Harshal Dalal

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