[Free Guide] Using Relationship Mapping to Bring Human and Digital Together

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From mapping who knows who across our company natively in CRM, to automating mundane data entry for our professionals, RIA has accelerated our speed to action.

Download the guide to discover how Relationship Intelligence Automation (RIA) can drive new revenue from your existing business relationships.

Having access to high quality, relevant, up-to-date contact data in CRM is critical for all growing businesses. The challenge is that employees simply don’t take the time to use CRM properly, which hurts a business’s ability to manage relationships.

In turn, customer retention declines, business growth suffers and it becomes harder to maintain a competitive edge over time. That's where Relationship Intelligence Automation (RIA) comes in.  

In this guide you'll learn how some of the world's leading brands are using AI-powered sales intelligence to better serve their customers, map new business opportunities, and ultimately grow revenue with the existing business relationships. 

This guide will teach you how RIA can: 

  • help map new revenue opportunities with existing relationships
  • surface more actionable relationship insights 
  • increase employee productivity and efficiency
  • increase CRM data quality

Download the guide to learn just how impactful implementing relationship intelligence automation can be for your organization's CRM system.

Stuart Cassie
"We’ve mapped over 2,500 relationships at a single supplier thanks to Introhive. This is a huge network of connections within one organization that we wouldn’t have understood otherwise."

Stuart Cassie | Marketing and Alliance Director at Hitachi Solutions