Post-Meeting Note Capture

Add meeting notes and follow-up tasks to CRM by simply replying to an email in your inbox. 




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Maintain Accurate CRM Data

Log meeting notes, personal tasks, and even assign tasks to your colleagues, all from the comfort of your email. Easily build a complete record of activities, notes, and contacts in your CRM.


Intelligently Update the Right Records

Post-meeting note capture uses natural language processing (NLP) to ensure your tasks are associated with the correct contact records, without the disruption of logging into CRM. 


Update On The Run

Post-meeting note capture is device agnostic, meaning it will integrate into your workday seamlessly. Update records from the office, in a taxi, or as you're running to the next meeting.


Boost Productivity

Prevent context switching and reduce the risk of missing important details. Immediately update post-meeting records while next steps are top of mind.

Increase the quality of information added to CRM by 300%

“Introhive is the fastest, simplest way to get clean and accurate data into CRM from Outlook and other business systems. The simplicity of Introhive has enabled us to grow our database at an astonishing rate while truly understanding the firm’s relationship capital.”

Daryl Atkinson

Director of Business Development & Marketing - Howard Kennedy LLP


See For Yourself

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