Deal Coach™ & Predictive Deal Scoring

Surface actionable insights around the quality of your opportunities and uncover the next best actions to progress opportunities through the funnel.

With Deal Coach & Predictive Deal Scoring, your sales teams and leaders will harness AI-driven insights to close more deals, faster.


Next Best Action

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Know Where Deals Stand

Build plans and forecasts from data - not gut feelings. Indicators from your historically successful deals are calculated into Deal Scores so your sellers can prioritize those opportunities most likely to close.


Level the Playing Field

Equip your entire sales force with the same recommendations and insights - derived from machine learning - so everyone can become a top performer. 


Maximize Efficiency

Reduce time spent on opportunities. Deal Coach & Predictive Deal Scoring act as a force multiplier, allowing your team to get more done - without increasing effort.


Crush Your Quota

Arm your team with a true understanding of deal health and the recommended actions required to nurture them through the pipeline so you can meet, and exceed, your targets.  

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"I just love the way Introhive brings together the digital and the human to build relationship capital. To me, that’s where sales as a discipline is heading."

Richard Higham

Executive Director - SalesLevers

Richard Gingham

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