GroPro 20/20 On-Demand Webinar: 

Improving Collaboration, Service Delivery and Client Engagement

Brian FINAL-1

Brian Colucci

Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer


Kate Final-1

Kate Stoddard

Chief Marketing Officer


Joe Final-1

Joe Przybyla

Sales Director

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Watch this session on-demand to:

  • Understand how you can break down silos between different departments and make it easy for staff to work together
  • Determine ways you can garner buy-in from all stakeholders in your organization to work together
  • Utilize systems and technologies to prevent client service black holes
  • Develop more efficient and cost-effective service delivery that also creates an engaging client experience
  • Improve performance by sharing customer insights
  • Update knowledge databases and ensure they are accessible to everyone
  • Empower your teams