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Learn how Introhive's AI-powered platform automates data collection and relationship intelligence so financial services firms can ditch mundane data entry for all employees and accelerate their firm's growth.

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Increase Employee Productivity

Save 7+ hours of weekly productivity per professional by automating data entry. Introhive's email to CRM automation capabilities put more time back in the work week to sell and close new business.


Make Data-Driven Decisions the Norm

Infuse relationship intelligence into the day to day workflows of your firm. Grow your business faster with advanced data analytics, reports and dashboards  - in solutions like Salesforce, Tableau or Power BI - to drive relationship-based decisions.


Retain & Grow Current Customers

Proactively manage relationships and receive early warning signals for key contacts and accounts with declining engagement to ensure you never lose another customer. 


Accelerate Deal Cycles & Win Rates

Easily map relationships for new business introductions and cross sell and upsell opportunities. Visualize relationships maps directly in CRM or in email digest reports.

Leader in Sales Intelligence Software
G2 Summer

“We want to provide our clients with the best possible experience, and that requires a deep understanding, across the firm, of every touchpoint we have with them. We chose Introhive’s platform because it will not only give us valuable insights into those client relationships, it will do so securely and instantly, across the entire firm.”

Barry Devereux

Managing Partner - McCann FitzGerald

Barry Devereux

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