Delivering Digital Business Transformation 

24.04.2019 -

         Wednesday 24th April 2019 | 9am              Transformation Seminar and Workshop

Wednesday 24th April 2019

 8.30am -   Doors open & Registration

9.00am -    Presentations

11.00am - Transformation Workshop

12.30pm - Lunch & Networking

Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Sheikh Zayed Road - PO BOX 126272, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

To Survive in the digital world, business organizations must learn to SEE things differently, DO things differently, DELIVER things differently, OPERATE differently.

Still, only…

  • 87% believe digital technologies will disrupt their industries.
  • 44% feel adequately prepared for disruption projected to occur in their industry due to digital trends and digital transformation.

So where are you in your digital business transformation journey and are you prepared for disruption?

This Seminar and Workshop will help you give an answer to this question for yours or your customer organization.

The speakers will take you through an exciting journey into business transformation, explaining their take on the digital revolution we are seeing today and why it is so important for all parts of your organization (both Business and IT) to work together to transform your business.

We will also focus on the importance of using industry-standard methods to assess your level of maturity as part of a digital transformation journey and the speakers will give guidelines to a clear path to a transformation strategy.


Digital Transformation Workshop

After the seminar we will host a transformation workshop led by digital business transformation experts, who will look at using Maturity Models built to empower businesses through every step of their transformation journey and enabling business leaders to:

  • Assess where they are in their transformation journey.
  • Create goals and plans, both short and longer term.
  • Make impactful transformation project investments.

As a clear outcome of the workshop we will help you to use these best practises to:

Plot your  company's maturity to find a starting point to your digital journey.

Most digital leaders today don’t know how their efforts compare with those of their competitors or how far they have to go. We will help by Benchmarking your cultural, organizational, technology, and insights capabilities.

Take action based on your current maturity and define your ambitions for digital transformation.

Less mature firms must disrupt conventional business approaches. More mature firms must systematize their current best practices. We will help you to qualify your business' needs and identify key future capabilities.

As closing thought of the workshop, and perhaps one that re-frames the digital transformation journey, we will move away from putting the emphasis of digital transformation on technological change, and focus more on the fact that what is afoot is less of a digital transformation and more a CHANGE program. Change being the component that is driving a fundamental rethink of the corporate and cultural model of your organization, for which digital technology is the catalyst.

The Speakers

Krysta Fox
Krysta Fox
Executive Director | Freezone DMCC
Speaker Image
Abu Amin
Director | PwC Dubai
Adam Woolford
Global CIO | Fidor Solutions
Adeel Khan
Managing Partner | Strategy Transformation | Change Services
Claudio Costagliola Di Fiore
Business Transformation Specialist

Seminar and Workshop Agenda

Doors Open
Complimentary teas, coffees and pastries.
Welcome Presentation
Partner Presentations
Defining a clear strategy for transformation; The components for a business transformation roadmap; How transformation is being led from the top; Alignment of people, processes and technology; The role of culture, change and communications; The Role of innovative technology and Re-thinking tech enabled change; Transformation is about progress not perfection; How to use data to develop and measure KPIs; What’s next for CRM? And making change stick.
Tea & Coffee Break
Digital Transformation Workshop
Understanding the need to define and create the foundations for a transformation strategy; The importance of using industry-standard methods to assess maturity; Creation of goals and plans; Making transformation project investments; Benchmarking cultural, organizational, technology and insight capabilities, Looking at CHANGE
Buffet Lunch and Networking

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