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Keeping your team in sync with the pulse of the client

Most AEC firms can agree that managing CRM data is a crucial task to maintaining client relationships and winning new business, however ask any firm how they manage both and you’ll receive a multitude of different processes and tools - even among team members.

Today, managing client relationships among a geographically disconnected and evolving workforce is more important than ever before. Although technology such as cloud software and artificial intelligence (AI) can help capture and standardize data, there is still confusion around how to effectively unlock the value from these tools. 

During this on-demand webinar, we will dive into the strategies you can adopt to become lock-step into the needs of your clients, helping you become more effective at managing your relationships and projects, through your Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint CRM and Introhive.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn: 

  • Introhive + Deltek partnership overview
  • How AI can support and improve productivity and revenue growth
  • How to overcome barriers to CRM adoption through AI
  • Understand the importance of relationship mapping for AEC firms
  • and more!

Hosted By:

Teresa Bever Deltek

Teresa Bever

Product Director

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luke J-1

Luke Jenkins

Solutions Consultant