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Introhive’s AI-powered platform helps commercial real estate firms empower brokers and agents with a solution to visualize client and prospect engagement, visualize new business development opportunities and automate manual, time consuming data entry process.


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Increase Productivity

Gain back 7+ hours of productivity per professional, which is traditionally wasted on manual data entry. Introhive's email to CRM automation capabilities put more time back in the work week to focus on clients and grow business development.


Make Data-Driven Decisions the Norm

Infuse relationship intelligence into the day to day workflows of your business. Grow your business faster with advanced data analytics, reports and dashboards  - in solutions like Salesforce, Tableau or Power BI - to drive relationship-based decisions.


Accelerate Deal Cycles & Win Rates

Map relationships for new business introductions and accelerate cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Visualize relationships maps directly in CRM or in email digest reports.


Retain & Grow Current Clients

Proactively manage relationships and receive early warning signals for key contacts and accounts with declining engagement to ensure you never lose another customer. 

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Eliminate mundane data entry and increase employee productivity to get more out of your CRM



Build business with insightful relationship mapping—where and when you need it



Empower your team with always-accurate CRM data without any of the busywork



Discover more insights with superior relationship analytics, data dashboards, reports and more

Find a Solution for Your Role

Ensure ROI from your tech stack, reduce client churn and enhance visibility into the essential data and relationships that move the needle.

Improve marketing return on investment (MROI) by improving the accuracy and completeness of data within CRM.

  • Deploy hyper-targeted campaigns by creating smart, relationship-centric marketing lists.
  • Automate CRM data entry for all employees to increase the number of relationships included in CRM
  • Pull marketing lists with the confidence that data is accurate and updated

Break free from unreliable manual data entry with intelligent automation and realize greater ROI from your technology investments.

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Eliminate cost by reducing the time individuals spend manually entering contact records.
  • Realize greater ROI from your technology investments
  • Improve CRM adoption and utilization

Increase customer lifetime value by measuring relationship trends and visualizing insights to make data-driven decisions.

  • Give internal stakeholders access to real-time account intelligence
  • Effectively and efficiently manage clients with ‘health monitoring’ and trendline analysis
  • Receive early warning signals to potential issues to proactively manage relationships and business development

Equip brokers and agents with the data they need faster and easier to accelerate revenue growth from new relationships as well as cross-selling and upselling.

  • Receive proactive pre-meeting digest reports with rich insights into key contacts and accounts
  • Visualize who knows who to accelerate business development and reduce sales cycles
  • Sync post-meeting notes and tasks to CRM by replying to an email
  • Eliminate manual data entry and automatically sync contacts to CRM from your inbox and calendar

Our Clients Say It Best

Neven Bradasevic

Neven Bradasevic

CRM Manager, Canada - Colliers International

“Introhive's relationship data has been helpful with referrals and strategically picking the right salesperson to collaborate with in order to have the best chance of winning business. This feature has helped increase user adoption of CRM as it increases value to our solution.”

Christine Robertson

Christine Robertson

Partner, Marketing & Sales Leader - PwC

“Introhive is a quick and easy way to share client insights and intelligence with extremely busy professionals. From mapping who knows who across our firm, to automating mundane data entry for our professionals, Introhive has accelerated our speed to action.”


Johannes Metzler

Johannes Metzler

Advisor Strategy and Projects - Edge

“What we like best about Introhive is the visualization of the relationships our company has with the outside world. Many times we don't even "know who we know" or who different colleagues speak to. Introhive uncovers these hidden relations and conversations for us."

Marc Kirshenbaum

Marc Kirshenbaum

Associate Vice President - Colliers International

“The most helpful part of Introhive is seeing who knows who across our company, so we aren't competing for the same business as much and we can be more strategic about business development efforts."


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