Introhive Cleanse™

Leverage AI-powered data enrichment to spot sales and marketing database inconsistencies in real-time—then update it all at once, with just a few keystrokes. It has never been easier to keep data in CRM clean and accurate for marketing and sales teams.





Populate Missing Contacts

Your team works hard to generate leads and nurture new relationships. Cleanse™ cross-references your CRM, email and calendar to find valuable contacts you’ve communicated with, yet absent from your database.


Update Existing Records

Leveraging Introhive’s enriched and externally sourced data, Cleanse™ identifies inconsistencies and provides update recommendations to: name, job title, email, address, and phone numbers.

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Archive Stale Records

Reduce bounce backs and stay compliant with data privacy laws by identifying contacts with low relationship scores that should be archived to reduce data clutter in CRM.


Merge Duplicate Records

Introhive provides a simple process to merge duplicates into a single CRM contact. Save time and boost sales team productivity by ensuring you’re eliminating redundant information.

Fill your database with an industry-leading 90% accuracy

“Cleanse surpassed my expectations. It’s very intuitive and easy. I would easily give it 9/10 in both accuracy and usability."

Monika Zeqiri

Marketing Database Manager - Frazier & Deeter


See For Yourself

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