Activity & Contact Sync Digest

Adding and updating contact information in CRM has never been easier. Say goodbye to unreliable, manual data entry in CRM and hello to automatic data capture with Introhive's Activity and Contact Sync Digest. 




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Unearth New Relationships

Seamlessly unlock access to data that hasn't been captured in your CRM previously. Create new contact records in your CRM with a click of a button.


Maintain a 360-Degree View

Capture and maintain a complete list of activities to ensure a rich and complete record. Keep all team members updated on latest activities with prospects and clients to seamlessly collaborate.


Predictively Service Your Clients

Unite disparate information silos and forge a strong foundation of data to produce proactive, data-driven business moves that delight.


Create Checks & Balances

The combined digest allows you to review updates before they are synced. Short on time? Feel free to forward your digest to your admin to enter on your behalf.

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“With Introhive, it is automatic. Information is gathered passively in the background, so that insights and intelligence are mapped directly into our CRM, requiring little to no additional effort from to our practitioners.”

Harshal Dalal

Director, Client & Marketing Operations - Osler

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